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I was going to post this after my last couple weeks of starting woes, asking for help, but I sorted the issue! I want to post this as a hopeful tip for somebody with starting issues in the future, given how difficult it was to find anything with the starting issues I've had.

TLDR 1 - fuel pump is two pieces and come partially apart
TLDR 2 - fuel pump has internal gasket/o-ring that can move/not be fully seated, causing low pressure (which I believe caused the minuscule amount of fuel coming out of the injectors

Some detail:
My riding style (stunt riding) is different than most in the Triumph world, which causes some different sort of strain and stress on the bike than some other riding styles, but my issues could certainly happen to others.

A few months ago I was riding, and was low on fuel. Suddenly, after shutting the bike off, it would start but was struggling. Wouldn't rev past 3500-4500 rpm. I limped it to the gas station, thinking I was just super out of gas and the computer was trying to compensate or something 'smart'. A number of hours taking the bike apart, buying a $100+ throttle body controller (that I didn't even have to use, and my dealership wouldn't take back...), putting in new spark plugs, checking the injectors, cleaning the injectors, cleaning out the fuel rail, etc. got me nowhere. Another member and fellow (much better lol) stunt rider suggested I check the fuel pump; and he was the first to inform me it's two pieces.
After pulling it out I noticed it was partially coming apart. Put it back together, wasn't expecting much, and gave it one more "let me just see if it stars :sigh:...."; and she fired right up and happily was revving to redline!
TLDR of this part - the fuel pump came slightly apart and caused an issue

In remedying the previous issue, I decided (off a recommendation) to wire tire the fuel pump pieces together. Did it. Started up fine. However, I was sloppy and exhausted, so the gasket between the outer part of the fuel pump and the take wasn't seated correctly. No leaking then, but when I came out of work the next evening, there was a small puddle of gas under the bike. went to fix the pump, and in the process clean up the wire tie business. I must've messed up the gasket inside the 'tube' part that delivers the gas from the pump to the hose. The gasket in there is easy to miss, and I didn't even notice it wasn't fully seated. Spent a couple of weeks troubleshooting different things.....finally took out the fuel pump last night, after doing a lot of other things (basically the same stuff mentioned in the first paragraph), and that's when I decided to triple check everything on in, on, and around the fuel pump. The internal gasket wasn't seated. Pushed it in, put the pump back in, sealed it up, and begrudgingly gave it one last effort (but was somewhat hopeful that little gasket was the issue)....and it started up!!
TLDR - fuel pump internal gasket.
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