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Picked up a 99 Daytona 955i this week with 15K miles. Sat in a storage container for four months before I picked it up.

Issues upon purchase and 300 miles of riding:
1. Stalled out once after slowing down to a stop THEN pulling in the clutch.

2. When the bike is hot I have to press the starter button 3+ times for it to start. Cold start no issues. The dash lights go dim each time until it finally ticks over.

3. At operation, the fan was nearly always on despite the gauge reading low. Would stay on for 90 SECONDS straight after shutoff


So today I decided to install the 4AWG wires for the starter power mod and flush my coolant (which was completely black).

Battery load test in the morning:
1. Rest/off - 12.6V
2. On - 12.3V
3. Crank - 11.5V

Installed the cables but could not find "engine ground" location. Attempted to hook it up to alternator cable location and there was a big spark since I forgot to disconnect the battery. Disconnected, hooked it up to the alternator prong, and started her up - GREAT response!

But as the day went on the starting was getting weaker and the fan did not kick on at any point in the coolant flush procedure. Temp needle climbed higher than it has ever been.

Multimeter now:
Off - 11.8V
On - 11.5V
Crank - I don't recall

Same numbers when I swapped a ready-to-start battery from my S3. And that battery was cranking my S3 no problem.

Dash lights would dim every time I pressed the starter until it ticked over.


My diagnosis:

- I think I hooked up the engine ground incorrectly which is causing the weird readings.
- The starting issue, I have no clue. I have a hunch it's either the solenoid or starter which is being affected by the heat.
- Charging issues, maybe the alternator?
- Fortunately I do have the S3 as a parts bike which has NEVER had issues cranking, starting, and charging (minus the blown motor)
- Fan fuse and relay are fine. Maybe the wire shorted or coolant got to the connection?

Your insight is greatly appreciated.
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