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Hey lads! The Sprint has done a little over 18k miles now and I need to take it in for service. As I've only owned the bike for 3 months (put 2k on it) I was wondering what I should be asking/telling the dealership when I go there. (they do not know this bike) Basically, I don't want them to tell me I need a whole bunch of stuff that I actually don't. (I was going to use the fact that I wanted to buy a Triumph for the wife as a reason to keep them honest, but bought her a Harley) The bike has a carbon fibre covered muffler with "not for use on road" stamped on it. Is that a TOR? Should I have them check the "tune"? (I'm just referring to what I've read on these pages) Does that mean the engine computer mapping? I am going to stipulate that they do no work without my approval; that way if it is something serious I can run by you guys on this forum. Thanks for your help. BTW, do you think I should ride around on Dawn's Harley while the sprints in for service?!
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