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The pre '02 955i motors were much more prone to needing valve adjustments. The up side is it's a lot easier to do them. If you're not sure of the complete history I would at least get after them with a feeler gauge and see where they are. If you're careful you won't even damage the gaskets, but a little silicone will make for a leak free seal with the used gasket.

Like Dave said, my '02 needed nothing in the way of valve adjustments at my 12k service. It's due for the 24k service now and I'm betting only one or two will need attention now, but I have to remove the cams to adjust mine, your '01 can be done without cam removal with a little tool that can be made with common hand tools. There is even a drawing of it on this site, but I can't remember where. Don't worry someone else will know where it is.
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