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Hello all, wondering if someone might be able to point me in the right direction here...

I purchase a sweet 1994 Triumph Speed Triple a few months back. It came with a Spyball alarm installed and two remotes that appeared to have dead batteries. I replaced the batteries, but the remotes still don't work. Well, one of them lights up an LED light, but the other does nothing. No big deal, not worried about using the alarm...

Well, different story now. Somehow the battery on my bike has gone dead. When I hook up jumper cables from another battery, the bike's electrics come back to life, but within a few seconds, the alarm goes off. The starter motor will not turn over.

Seems to me that the immobilizer kicks in as soon as the alarm gets power, and I have no way to turn it off, as the remotes don't function. I can't find any documentation on this Spyball alarm anywhere. It seems like an older model, as it's a one button remote style.

So, questions...

1. Anyone know how to deactivate a Spyball alarm so the bike can be started?

2. Anyone know how to remove a Spyball alarm?

3. I'm not the most mechanical guy, so can anyone recommend a bike shop close to Reading that knows how to deal with stuff like this? The guys at Bulldog Triumph in Twyford have been great to me in the past and can look at this next Tuesday, but that leaves me with no bike for the next 8 or 9 days...

Any other suggestions?

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