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Sprint with ticking noise "not motor"

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I own a 02 sprint with just about 43,000 miles on it. For a little history I just had the chain and sprockets replaced about 800 miles ago. When I took the bike in for service I noted that it was making a tick tick tack noise when slowing only “had been making sound since purchase 40,000 miles". I was able to isolate this away from the motor by cutting the engine and placing in neutral with clutch while moving. Anyway once I got my bike back from the shop it still made the noise and when I asked they reassured me that chain noise was common on single sided swing arm bikes. Well be it with god’s humor I was out on an errand last night around 1AM and the chain broke. After a nice 1.5-2 mile push home I waited to call the shop. They told me they would let me know what they would make a decision on Monday when the mechanic that did the work is in. Any thoughts on the noise or what I should do?
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well bare in mind I've just had a drink.

I'd wrap the friggin chain around the guys head! :evil:

That could have caused you and you machine serious damage or worse.

One word springs to mind........... INCOMPETENT!

I would be just a little bit mad.

Get them to fix it........... apologise profusely remind them you may not have survived if you were at high speed mid bend or had the chain go through the crankcase.

And ask them to give you some sort of freebee to keep you smiling.

Jaracer64, that is very poor spannering in my humble opinion.

my advise there ya go.

Davem :cool:
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