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Sprint with ticking noise "not motor"

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I own a 02 sprint with just about 43,000 miles on it. For a little history I just had the chain and sprockets replaced about 800 miles ago. When I took the bike in for service I noted that it was making a tick tick tack noise when slowing only “had been making sound since purchase 40,000 miles". I was able to isolate this away from the motor by cutting the engine and placing in neutral with clutch while moving. Anyway once I got my bike back from the shop it still made the noise and when I asked they reassured me that chain noise was common on single sided swing arm bikes. Well be it with god’s humor I was out on an errand last night around 1AM and the chain broke. After a nice 1.5-2 mile push home I waited to call the shop. They told me they would let me know what they would make a decision on Monday when the mechanic that did the work is in. Any thoughts on the noise or what I should do?
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I have recently had the ticking noise on my bike too. I found that it was caused by the chain.

If I tighten it up slightly so it is just on the limit (ie 35mm) at the tightest spot, it goes away. However I know that the chain should preferrably be a bit loose, rather than a bit tight, so I am going to loosen it off again slightly. At least I know what the noise is.

Having read these posts I am going to examine the chain a lot more closely to see if there are any dodgy links.

Don't you just love these forums :)
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