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Sprint ST 1050 Tank Protector

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Hi Guys

Can anyone help what is a good side tank protector for the sprint
have noticed some marks appearing on the side of the tank after a ride and want to protect my paint in the long term

Any thoughts would be appreciated

Thank you
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I was having the same issue. It appears to be related to the change to the steel tank starting with 2008 model year.

Based on what I gathered here, I just recently ordered and received the film from

They have a couple of versions, including a 3M film for the the fairings but I just got the tank film that is also removable. Seems others have had good luck with it but I haven't put my on yet. It suggests doing it while it is warm which is a little problem for me right now.

It comes with 3 pieces but since I already have the CF tank protector, I plan to use one piece to protect from magnetic tank bag.

I am sure others will come along with other suggestions. Good luck.
I have the tank slapper on my Sprint, and it works great! :D
Check out the ones Mn Rider is using, nice protection and looking good. :) (scroll down a bit)
Iceman has an excellent thread here on the Tankslapper product.

A quick search will pull it up.

I second (or third the tankslapper) I have them on, I can't even say they are barely noticeable. They are not noticeable and do a d great job. Price is right as well
I have the Tankslapper film on my '07 and I'm pleased with the results. My '03 has the full trim kit 3M film and I decided to try it on my '07 on the tank area specifically and boy it sure was hard to mount just right. I finally gave up and went with the tankslapper film, easier to mount plus resueable/remountable and much less expensive...
Yeap, Tankslapper is good.....even went out of the way to buy from the USA and get delivered to Oz...worth every penny.

Only issue....I got the full kit for the bike, the Tankslapper comes with their own product and some 3M. The TS film was great, well cut and easy to install. The 3M gear looked like it was cut by a drunk man, after lunch on a Friday...and is harder to put on anyway, but add the bad cutting shapes and its a real pain.

Looking back I would only get the Tank kit and not the full body option.

Thanks Guys

I will give the Tankslapper a go.

Cheers and what a fantastic site this is. :)
Good choice. The stuff works great.
Tank Slapper


Just fitted the Tank Slapper Kit and it was fantastic

Another alternative is this
They have a pattern for the Sprint ST, 1050

Thanks everyone :)
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I would also like to recommend the tank slapper, but I'll do you one better, I have photos for you on exactly how transparent the tank slapper is.

Here are two shots, one where the tank slapper is near the bottom of the tank and the other near the top.

Best protection for the money!



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