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It is possible, but not easy to remove the rails. The grab rail is a piece of cake to take off.

If you decide to remove the rails, you might want to go to a Dealer and get/burn a copy of the Installation instructions. They've probably got some lying around.

Good luck!


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Rails come right off with 4 bolts per side, takes less than
5 minutes to do.

yes the grab rail also comes off, and if you get the Corbin
seat, they supply a new latch system, that uses the old
grab rail bolt area, and they fill-in the seat notches.

if you want a real clean look, 4 more bolts will remove
the rear peg assy's. This lets the single sided swing arm
really show.

Finally a rear fender "Tidy" and you have the complete
stripped down sport bike look.

I can put it all back on, with the bags, in under 1/2 an hour,
a big reason why i bought this bike.

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This may help. Not the greatest picture and you can't see all the way to the rear. They used the red loctite to install them so it takes a little torque to bust the bolts loose but it is very simple to remove the rails.

My Pics

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