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Don't know about the mufflers but I have the Speed Triple bars and the TB original bars from them, as well as the adjustable levers. All works well :). Also got the mirrors, but they rusted like crazy, never told them about it, probably should have as their customer service is great! Maybe I got a bad batch...

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I have a set of these. They fit on my Thunderbird with no issues. The new brackets that come with the silencers require that you swap the rubber bushing and hardware from the old brackets. The sound is nice with the baffles in. They are pretty tame at idle and have a nice roar when rolling on the throttle. Without the baffles, they are much too loud for my taste. Maybe that's just me.

Here is an older forum thread on these. The original poster has a couple of videos that may be helpful to you.
Thunderbird 900 motor and exhaust sound

Good luck in your quest!


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I have a set of the muffler/silencers also. As mentioned its a easy install. though I liked the sound with the baffles in however they were too restrictive for my taste and also too loud when removed so I made my own set of baffles and now they sound great ( not to loud ) and have a nice rumble when I let off the throttle.

Stock Baffle

My custom baffle


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Thank you all for your replies, these are very helpful. Landlocked, I find the fact you modified your removable baffles very intriguing. Certainly creative! I'm going to get this stuff.
Big thanks,
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