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On 2006-12-14 15:33, scribbler wrote:
Got mine today too...I also have a new speed triple which needs a bolt replacing in its rear I live 20 miles from dealer I suggested they might want to collect both bikes in their shiny way jose says the dealer. We would be running round all day picking bikes up. Hmmm doesn't say much about Triumph's reliability.

In the end I've offered to pay for the collection...Triumph really need to get their act together on customer service. I bought the sprint new in 05 and the speed triple in July 06 (it was new in March).

About 17k worth of bikes and they can't even collect for free when its their own fault.

How on earth can a manufacturer be to blame because a dealer wont collect your bikes :???:

The dealer manages his own business and you are THEIR customer just as he is a custmer of Triumph and pays for his bikes from them
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