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Hey yeah wouldn't THAT be cool, a product goes bad and they come and get it from you, unfortunately life ain't like that. It a good job folk don't think that way about everything DVD player went wrong in warranty but Dixons won't come and get it!! Shame on you Sanyo!
This baby buggy has a wobbly wheel but Mothercare say IIII have to take it to THEM!! what a cheek!
This packet of biscuits is stale and Tescos just laughed at me when I asked them to pop round and pick them up.....I'm never buying McVites ever again.
Ahhhhh grow up! Triumph issued a recall as the last fella stated, you wouldn't have known anything if they hadn't done that (not all vehicle manufacturers are so diligent) all you have do do is go for a bleeding bike ride (oh no not a bike ride) and sit in the pub for a bit while they fix it for you for free!!! It's a hard life init! :knkknk:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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