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First off, apologies, I posted this in the general fora but am hoping that I may actually get an answer here.


Aside from obvious, "buy the manual" comments (my dealer is out of stock and I need this done by Saturday) can anyone give me step by step direction on replacing the rear brake pads on an '03 Speed Four?

I have the fluid and am able to bleed the brake lines but have no idea how to do the pads. Ideally I would not have to remove the rear wheel (but if I must, I must).


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Nope, you don't have to remove the rear wheel. I am going from memory, so this is probably a variation.

Clean the caliper with brake cleaner pretty well, then use a big, flat screwdriver to push the old pads away from the disk as far as you can. There is either a pin or bolt at the top of the caliper that holds the pads in place. Remove it and slide the pads up and out of the caliper.

I usually hose down the inside of the caliper with more brake cleaner at this point- somebody may know more than I do about what that does to the seals, so I hope to learn something here.

Make sure the pistons are pushed back into the caliper as far as possible, and slide the new pads into the caliper. Replace the pin or bolt. If it is a bolt, I use a bit of locktite on it- the blue kind. If it is a pin, there is a kotter pin that locks it in place.

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I think that removing the rear caliper sliding-pin (an allen headed screw-in the head covered by a cheese-head plug) allows you to pivot the caliper up away frpm the disk freeing the pads..

I will check by sunday7th


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In addition to the other information, this procedure from the manual may help.

To remove:
Remove the rearmost brake hose clip.
Remove the plug protecting the pad retaining pin.
Remove the brake caliper bolts and raise the caliper.
Remove the pad retaining pin and detach the pads.
Remove the anti-rattle spring and inspect for damage. See inset bottom right.
To install:
Fit the anti-rattle spring.
Replace the pads as a pair and fit to the caliper in the positions noted during removal.
Lubricate the pad retaining pin using "copperslip" type grease.
Lower caliper over the brake disc ensuring that pads remain in the correct position.
Install pad retaining pin.
Fit caliper bolts and tighten to 24 Nm (M8 bolt) and 29 Nm (M12 bolt).
Tighten pad retaining pin to 17 Nm.
Pump brake pedal to position the caliper pistons.
Check brake fluid reservoir and top-up with D.O.T. 4 fluid.
Refit brake hose clip to 9 Nm.

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