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Speedy Fuel Cap Test of Strength

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Step right up folks, and try your strength opening the fuel cap on this lovely beauty. Yes sir, looks are deceptive. She can purr like a cat but only when she's fed properly....

What is the deal with these fuel caps? I've done a search, and a lot of owners suffer with hand cramps from opening
during fueling. Is there a way to lube the cap to make it easier to open?
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On 2006-12-20 04:33, inc wrote:

an half-off-topic:

from where the locking featured fuel caps could be ordered to SM, and if there are several different ones, then which one would be have the best quality/price ratio, according to owners´ experience ?


Inc- I have THIS ONE from Brent, at, and been very pleased with it- easy to install, operate, and most important for me, the looks.
It comes with a plastic "opener," which looks a bit like 3 inch hair comb, with all but the end tines removed. You just fit the "comb" across the diameter into opposing slots, and turn on and off. I keep this little tool either in my fork bag, or on my key ring. So it's not a true lock, in that some one could easily whip up a gizmo to accomplish the same task. I went for the looks, as opposed to locking concerns.

No clue.. And where the heck is INC, who started this?

Ah.. thanks Bob

If that is a general usage term, I have to get a life, and soon..

BUT... back to the topic...fuel caps

Right? :)
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