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Speedy Fuel Cap Test of Strength

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Step right up folks, and try your strength opening the fuel cap on this lovely beauty. Yes sir, looks are deceptive. She can purr like a cat but only when she's fed properly....

What is the deal with these fuel caps? I've done a search, and a lot of owners suffer with hand cramps from opening
during fueling. Is there a way to lube the cap to make it easier to open?
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you know, I never even thought there was a problem with the fuel caps. Mine for instance just screws on till it ratchets to let me know it's on properly, and just unscrews to fill up. Is it the weather over there or do we have different caps :huh:

Regardless, I have been looking at Brent's cap too and will probably get it given it not only looks great, it locks and according to the ad, will help prevent the pain peeling which mine is just starting to do. Which without going off topic too much though, can I ask tba-golfer, where is the keyed entry part?
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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