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Speedy Fuel Cap Test of Strength

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Step right up folks, and try your strength opening the fuel cap on this lovely beauty. Yes sir, looks are deceptive. She can purr like a cat but only when she's fed properly....

What is the deal with these fuel caps? I've done a search, and a lot of owners suffer with hand cramps from opening
during fueling. Is there a way to lube the cap to make it easier to open?
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I have found that my cap is also very hard to get off, however my main issue I think is not a strength problem but a grip problem and you thumb and index finger slipping off the chrome finish. What I have done to overcome this and works perfectly everytime not matter how many times I turn it to close it, is that I have cut a piece of rubber out of a dish washing glove that simply covers the cap and allows to grip the thing properly. I just keep this piece of rubber in my jacket pocket so it is no drama and doesn't get in the way and i don't forget it.

Give it a try it will work a treat, let me know how you go.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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