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Speedy Fuel Cap Test of Strength

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Step right up folks, and try your strength opening the fuel cap on this lovely beauty. Yes sir, looks are deceptive. She can purr like a cat but only when she's fed properly....

What is the deal with these fuel caps? I've done a search, and a lot of owners suffer with hand cramps from opening
during fueling. Is there a way to lube the cap to make it easier to open?
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I was lucky to have read a few posts on that issue prior to getting my bike, so no problems so far.

Just turn the cap until you start feeling resistance and then align it as desired. It will be perfectly snugged down.

If you have cranked it down and can't loosen it, try pushing down and then a little to the right and then back left unscrewing the cap. No need for any lube, it just really ratchets down tight without much extra effort. If you need mechanical advantage, wrap the cap carefully and use a large jawed adjustable wrench so as not to damage the finish.

O/T, but if fuel petcock sticks, just apply twisting pressure rt/lf (up/down) and it breaks the "stiction". Mine has only done that a couple of times for no apparent reason.

Don't overfill tank. If you are troubled by vapor lock while riding it is just like running out of fuel (in spite of vent hose). I give a quick check of fuel petcock and loosen the gas cap just a bit and re-snug. You don't even have to stop if you are able to do this safely/quickly enough.

Cheers, enjoy the ride.
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Hairierdash is natural and my preference, but a balder clean shaven one can be good thing too. :lollol:

singring, ymmv on any and all posts.

Kevin, I'm glad she is working well for you, I never worried about the cap as I had read about the issue pre-delivery. A couple of fill ups I added gas to the very top, but had to release cap pressure at times to keep running. I stop for fuel depending on the area I ride (lack of gas stations), yesterday I stopped at 148 miles just after I hit reserve and some days I may have only gone 70-80 miles, but want the extra fuel for the more remote regions I like to explore. I can't exercise like you do, I already can gain a stroke when I switch hands now.


All the best, safe riding and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
ymmv = your mileage (results) may vary :-g

Cheers :chug:
tba, not in my dictionary, I just started using the "shorthand" acronyms others had been confusing me with in their posts. Someone actually had a link to a long list of these LMAO (laugh my as* off) etc. that I went to so I could figure out TTFN didn't mean anything more than

Ta Ta For Now........

Adios my friend, as always YMMV, lol..... :lollol: :lollol: :lollol:
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