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I don't know if this will help but the magnet that is inside the speedo housing is circular and I'm pretty sure it's magnetized like taking two horseshoe magnets and welding them together to make a circle. Does that make any sense? It's magnetized so the N/S is split through the center line of the center hole so I think the magnet is a N/S and N/S again. I haven't got it out to double check it. I wonder if that would make for 2 or 4 pulses? My guess is 2.


To be perfectly honest I wouldn't use the Triumph housing setup for your application. The magnet is very brittle and breaks easily. There is no bearing of any kind between the magnet ring and the plastic housing. Only a thin layer of grease keeps it from seizing. Probably not a robust enough setup for a 'Sand rail'! i would make the sensor from individual parts like DEcosse mentioned. A Hall effect sensor (like used in a crank trigger ignition and mount some small magnets or make your self a wheel with the necessary cuts or notches for your application. That would be much more bullet Proof for a dusty, abusive environment like you are planning.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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