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Hey, I'm new on this forum, and I have a question that I'm stumped on.

I recently bought a 96 Adventurer, and it's in good shape except that it was stolen. During the theft recovery, the tow truck driver dragged the bike. As a result, it has a few dings and dents, and the instrument panel got totaled. (hence the low price I got it for)

Anyway, I bought an aftermarket speedo by Drag Specialties until I find an instrument cluster for under $500. Thing is, the speedo is rated at a 1:1, but it shows up fast, like at least a 2:1, and possibly more, so it can't be a calibration problem. Either that, of the bike gets to 80mph in second gear and is really quiet about it.

So, anyone have any idea what the issue can be? Does Triumph use a slower speedo array or something?

Thanks in advance,

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from what I recall when doing my Kawa front conversion the speedo drive gear is around the 3 to 1 ratio. It certainly isnt 1 to 1.

Raise the fron wheel and count the turns on the cable while turning the wheel and you will get a good approximation of the ratio.
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