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How long should i wait before i put in a big bore kit on a new engine. there are different schools of though on this topic. speedmaster is a good bike but needs a bit of a boost
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If it was me, I would by an older bike so the finished price would be lower. I don't like tearing things apart that are running well. Since you already have the bike and if you are unhappy with it and want to proceed, it doesn't matter how new it is. You will still want to break it in after the bore.
I don't know what if anything you've already done to the bike or what your idea of the level of performance you'd need to no longer feel it's inadequate. But if you are stock right now, doing the max pipe/airbox/jetting mods and a set of side gapped plugs will help a lot. then if you want more top end power for WOT excursions into high RPM territory, a set of thunderbike cams and at that point i think you'll be able to slaughter any harely except the Vrod or a highly modded one. you'll never get into sportbike territory, but remember this......these bikes have very different motors than most bikes today aside fro other cruisers. they are low comp, low RPM short stroke motors that can't be made to really go without sacrificing reliability. with the mods i mentioned it will still be reliable and will go like a bat outa he|| compared to how it runs stock. The breathing mods and plugs i suggested will give you a lot more low to mid torque, and the cams will give you about another 10 HP above 5.5-6k RPMs. Together it will be a whole new bike. yself i'm pretty happy with it and i don't have the cams. I felt like you before i did the mods. The side gapped plugs by the way make a huge difference relitivly.
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I have a bonnie that I bought in...( I had to look at my paper work )...May. Since I've bought the bike I have done the bb kit and a ton of other mods both performance and asthetic...

Go for it man...
Why not buy a Rocket 3 for power and keep the Speedy as the perfect little unit that it is?
On 2006-11-04 00:58, pacfish wrote:
How long should i wait before i put in a big bore kit on a new engine.
When the warranty runs out

Erwin :hammer:
I am waiting until the warranty expires. An then I will be into the engine.

I rode a 03 with the big bore kit. The higher compresion really makes difference.

I guess the real desicion is which big bore kit? the wiseco or the BC?
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