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I have a set of driver + passenger seats to sell. They are for the 1200 speedmaster line, year 2018 and next. NOT valid for the speedmaster models pre 2018, nor for the bobber model.

One is the regular optional comfort seat from Triumph.

The other is a passenger seat, professionally refurbished to increase comfort (it is wider, thicker, and MUCH more comfortable than the comfort optional Triumph pillion).

Both are in great condition, almost new, used only for a few weeks. And make a clear difference over standard bike seats, specially the passenger.

I know new price of driver seat is over 200 euros/dollars/pounds. As passenger seat is one made, there is no regular price, but comfort pillion is around 150 (and its no deal in comparison).

I accept offers by private message, for each separately or both together. Serious offers only please.

I am in spain, but can delivery to any country in the world with not much problems. Shipping to Europe including UK should be no more than 20-30 euros/pounds, shipping to USA about double.
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