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AFAIK, Trident/Sprint/Daytona/Trophy/Speed Triple tanks of that era all interchange. That being said, Bike Bandit lists different part numbers for Sprint vs Speed Triple in the same color, so there must be some difference. I suspect that the difference is just the decals, but I could be wrong. There you go, clear as mud! :-D


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All models T3, Trident, Sprint, Trophy, Daytona from those years all fit, the bikes were largely modular sharing a large number of parts, you can turn a Trident into a Daytona (visually) by swapping out certain parts. Colours were model specific and you may find some mountings and detail parts are different but all in all you can get parts from one to fit another. It kept the original production costs down, no sence in making 5 slightly different tanks when one can fit all.
Even the Tigers and Thunderbirds had alot in common with the Sprint and it's brothers.

Hope this helps
Cheers then
Nic :-D
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