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Hello guys.
I have an isssue with my bike.
Story starts like this:
I have noticed that my revs are fluctuating between 1250-1340 according to TuneEcu. I decided to check the vacuum lines and the air filter . Well I have checked those but without any success. Then I decided to reset adaptation and let the bike iddle for 15-20 min with tune ecu connected ..well during this process my bike suddenly died . I could not start the bike for few minutes . I started it after but after a few minutes it died again . Then I have noticed a very weird knocking noise under the seat near the suspension . I can not hear it in the front at engine only at the back near the suspension .
I rode the bike today to work and backward and I did not have any issue with it .
Does anyone know what this can be ?
I will attach a video to listen the sound . Is not the best but you can hear it in the background.

Speed triple 1050 2013 abs 13k miles. Serviced at time .
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