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I had my 2000 Speed Triple engine fail and had a question for all of you. I have a chance to buy a complete 2004 Speed Triple that is wrecked. I am getting conflicting answers to swapping the engine. Some people have said that if I have everything (wiring, computer,complete engine) I can put the 04 eng. into the 00. Has anyone done this? Any input would be great. Thanks. Z

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On 2007-01-16 07:10, durty wrote:
It will bolt right up make sure all of the wiring is there
That answer's a little confusing
Yes, Engine will BOLT up into same mounts

You need the wiring harness and especially the ECU from a late model; then either have to intergrate that harness that for your old instruments or use the later ones. Also need the airbox from later bike
The radiator is bigger on later model but I have heard that at least one person used the original without any problems.
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