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Sorry to hear about your troubles. I'd be ready to cry if after finally getting my bike to run perfectly I had this happen.

I've read on either this or the board that while not at all a common problem, this has happened with a few Triumphs. The cause seems to be not using the OEM spark plug tool to tighten the plugs. Apparently some aftermarket sockets are too thick/big and don't allow you to snug up the plug sufficiently to prevent it from working its way loose. It feels tight when torquing down the plug but it's really not due to the socket coming into contact with part of the engine casing before the plug has seated properly, thus creating the feeling that the plug has been snugged up properly. Not something a non Triumph certified service tech would likely be aware of. On the bright side, at least the plug's electrode didn't break off and cause even more damage. It's obvious to me now that I'm spending way too much time reading threads on Triumphs! :wink:

Good luck with getting your ride back on the road.

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