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Southern CA: Black / White T 100 Rider?

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Saw you at Foothill and Mountain Ave in Claremont around 11:00 am today. I was on the black Bonneville, waving and grinning at you as we passed each other. Was this anyone here? If so, your pipes sounded great!

Anyway, I had a great ride today. Weather reports stated we would be getting some rain this afternoon so I set out around 10 to try and beat it. Took a beautiful ride up Mt. Baldy. Only passed a few cars and I did not encouter a single bike up there so it gave me some time to work on those tight, switchback turns. Went back down the mountain through Claremont and hopped on the 210 out to Pasadena. Came back, and met up with the wife for some lunch.

After lunch, I noticed the cam cover gasket sprung a leak, so I think I'll let the bike cool and try Sweatmachine's remedy tomorrow. Interesting how I've got right around 1700 miles on her....while searching the forums I found this is VERY common around 1600 miles. I know it's a warranty fix but I'll be able to get the job done in a few hours, instead of a few days (or weeks.) Just can't stand to be away from her! :razz:

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Next time you ride up to Baldy take Glendora Ridge road west to the east fork of Azusa Canyon, then head down the canyon. Its a nice ride with all sorts of different terrain, not too much traffic if you ride early in the day.
Thanks, Joe. I was looking forward to taking that route but I didn't want to get caught out in the rain up there. So I took the shorter /quicker route.

Anyway, I'll keep an eye on the Flea Circus schedule. Hope to meet up with you guys soon.
I have a B&W (07) and spend lot's on time on Foothill. I had just returned from Claremont Villiage (11am ish). Since getting the Predators and elim kit installed, I realy enjoy a quite run through tranquil Claremont.
Catch ya next time.

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It could have been me but not sure...I have a Bonnie black but it has a black/opal T100 tank on it. I live in Rancho Cucamonga and own the Triumph dealership in San Berdo.

If you noticed black wheels then it was me.

By the way...if you didn't do the cam cover fix yet we'll take care of it while you wait. No need to leave your bike for days/weeks! That's insane.

Thanks, Art! I appreciate the offer (and I may take you up on it if my search for the right torque wrench isn't a success!) :)

To be fair, I have never taken my bike in to be serviced (I've done the maintenance myself) so I have not had to wait days or weeks for it to be done. I HAVE, however had that experience with my cars and therefore do the work on those myself as well, when possible.

Thanks and I'm sure I'll see you soon.
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