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On February 19, 6 Speed Triples and a couple of Japanese bikes got together for a ride around Lake Okeechobee. We're trying to do it again on March 17.

On 2007-02-21 10:42, BillT wrote:
That sounds like a plan, Dragon.

How 'bout we try for March 17? Say, real early at Lester's Diner on SR84, hit nine turns, run out to the reservation, around the Lake, and end at the Clewiston Inn?
St. Pattie's Day is 3 1/2 weeks away, so there should be plenty of time for riders to make plans.

It'd be nice to see 10 Speedies, coupla Sprints, some Daytonas (big & little), even a Kawi or some other farm equipment :-D :-D

Anybody interested in joining us is more than welcome. Either reply over on the Speed Triple Forum, or PM Dragonrider, Limey, or BillT :upthumb:

i may be down for this

I ride with "", but might b able to break away one weekend.

let me know when you got something solid planned

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Posted: 2007-03-15 08:31
Did a pre-run to Clewiston yesterday.

Roads are clear - no construction.

Snake road (833) has just a couple of rough spots. We need to be very careful going through the reservation. Speed limit is 45, and 25 through the heart of the reservation (about a 2 mile stretch). I saw two police cars with radar in the reservation.

Route is as follows:

Leave Lester's at 8:30 Sunday. Right on SR84, right on US1, right on I-595.

Run through 9 turns, head west on I-595 to I-75.

Take I-75 to Exit 49. Stop at gas station for stragglers to catch up.

Run up Snake Road (CR833) to CR835.

CR835 to SR80/US27

West on US 27 through Clewiston.

Anyone who wants to meet in Clewiston can meet us at the MacDonald's at the west end of town. We should be rolling through about 10:15 - 10:30. We'll also stop for gas in Clewiston (about 100 - 110 miles from start).

West on US 27 to CR720. North on CR720

CR720 to US 27. North on US 27 to SR78.

SR78 to US 441. South on US 441/US 98

Anyone who wants to meet up with us in Okeechobee, can meet us a couple miles south of town, at the intersection of SR 78 and US 441/ US 98. We should be rolling through between 11:15 - 11:30.

Continue south on US 441 to the fishing camp about halfway between Okeechobee and Port Mayaca - stop for drinks.

Continue south on US 441 through Canal Point and Pahokee to SR 80.

SR 80 west (south) to US 27.

US 27 west through South Bay, Bean City and Lake Harbor to Clewiston. Around the lake is around 115 miles, depending on route. If anyone needs gas, Clewiston to Pahokee (clockwise) is about 90 miles, you can get gas there. Longest stretch between stations is about 40 miles.

Clewiston Inn is right on the north side of US 27 in downtown Clewiston. We should be there between 12:30 and 1:00

Those heading South from Clewiston can either go back via 835/833 to I-75, or take US 27 south

I'm open to any suggestions, and would like a head count to get an idea who's coming.

I'll be wearing my phone on the ride, in case any stragglers want to try to meet up with us - 954-347-4685.

Dragon, if you can't make it, please post up how you run through 9 turns.

That's it :-D
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