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'Bout time we got together to do some ridin'. We don't live that far from each other.

It'll give y'all a chance to slap Limey around a bit for posting sarcastic remarks to yer posts. :-D :hammer:
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On 2007-02-21 15:34, Limey wrote:
I'm fine with that if everyone else is. I would like to get side by side wheelie pics. :-D :hammer:
Well if I find a way to haul it I will bring my camera along next and take the photos for you guys.

That weekend is okay with me. Lets make sure we have the same crew as last time, but without the ZX14 lowrider.
I'm willing to do both weekends :-D :-D
I'll monitor what you guys agree on. I'm pretty flexible. Looking forward to seeing some Triumph's after years of riding with BMW guys. We routinely do the same run through Snake Road to Clewiston.
I'll keep up with the arrangements - not sure of my schedule when I get back, but will tune in from the bottom of the world.
Stay safe, you guys.
Well Okay since we now are soon becoming about the largest thread on the site, do you think we should begin another one?

I can go either way. I can probably do both, at least the breakfast and nine turns parts, and all of it on one of them.
121 - 125 of 125 Posts
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