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'Bout time we got together to do some ridin'. We don't live that far from each other.

It'll give y'all a chance to slap Limey around a bit for posting sarcastic remarks to yer posts. :-D :hammer:
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i don't know much for location...we don't exactly have many good sporty rides in this neck of the woods...i'm down in miami and most of you are north of me so you can call it

you know any of these?


the closest thing to fun down here is sumtin called 9 turns...its a series of exit and entrance ramps on the express way...but it sucks if there is any traffic!
9 turns :hihi: :jest: :roflmoa2: that's funny right there, I don't care who ya are. :lgh:
On 2007-02-05 14:18, cheapbastard wrote:
9 turns :hihi: :jest: :roflmoa2: that's funny right there, I don't care who ya are. :lgh:
aww screw you and ur back yard of twisties :-D ...the sad thing is that you actually have to do a series of moves just to get those 9 consectutive turns other wise ur just ridin straight...guess that's why we wheelie so good for :-D
I'm up for something on the 17th or 19th of Feb.

I'd also like to try for the run to St. Augustine on March 10. We'd have to leave SoFla pretty early, as the RATs want to meet at the Volusia Mall, which I believe is Exit 261 off I-95 (Daytona).
i still think i could swang the 19th off...

someone lmk if'n you guys go riding...

hoostine at gmail dot com
Def be riding, its just sorting where is best for everyone.
I'm thinking ridin' round the Lake if thats ok with everyone.
I think the 19th is good for everyone...just need a time and meeting place.
dragon, billT and i are close and could link up on the way up north...a lake ride sounds good to me...don't know much bout that area but i would love to get away from limey pick a meeting place up there some where and the dade/broward guys can work out meeting on the way up
Hey you guys, I know where limey is want'n to take ya and the road isn't that bad, but there's this one turn that is just sick. Just wanted to warn ya. :hammer: :-D

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Alright Cheap you must be trying to take over for Limey with the Sarcasm
I'm off the 19th, and would love to join you guys. Around the lake would be fine with me. Keep in touch.
How 'bout we meet up at that Shell station on the Beeline by Moroso around 9-9:30 on the 19th? Limey or Spindlbeak can pick a route around the lake, and we can have lunch at the Queen Mary - I owe Limey lunch, anyway.
For those of us coming up from the south - north on I-95 to Blue Heron (exit 76, after 45th St) west about 1/2 a mile to the the Beeline HWY, and northwest about 13 miles to the gas station.
You can also run up the turnpike to PGA and take it west to the Beeline, and continue west about 6 miles to the gas station.
If you pass Moroso, you went too far!

Trip around the Lake from Broward is about 320 miles, round trip
sounds good bill...
Please do a final post and roll call of who is attending so we will know. Also southenders, where do you want to meet to ride north?
i'm def. about dirt, dragon and billT meet up on off the turnpike north of ft. lauderdale...bill you could pick an exit off the turnpike near you...and then we could all ride up and meet at that shell near's that :???:
i'll be there, at the shell at 9:30A you say(crazy day people...).
cool, guys. Are all these bikes gonna be black? :-D The harley riders are gonna thing they go passed by a bunch 'o bats on acid. :-D
as soon as i can find a spare tank, mine will be carbon colored... :)
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