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'Bout time we got together to do some ridin'. We don't live that far from each other.

It'll give y'all a chance to slap Limey around a bit for posting sarcastic remarks to yer posts. :-D :hammer:
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Hey Limey,
I'm probably 30-35 miles south of you, and go riding up around the lake fairly often. If you want to put together a ride, may I suggest meeting here? Queen Mary

Just name the day - Saturday preferred.

Also, I plan to try for the St. Augustine RAT raid on 3/10. Anybody iinterested from Dade/Broward/Palm Beach/Martin?
Limey, I just sent you an email.
I'm up for something on the 17th or 19th of Feb.

I'd also like to try for the run to St. Augustine on March 10. We'd have to leave SoFla pretty early, as the RATs want to meet at the Volusia Mall, which I believe is Exit 261 off I-95 (Daytona).
How 'bout we meet up at that Shell station on the Beeline by Moroso around 9-9:30 on the 19th? Limey or Spindlbeak can pick a route around the lake, and we can have lunch at the Queen Mary - I owe Limey lunch, anyway.
For those of us coming up from the south - north on I-95 to Blue Heron (exit 76, after 45th St) west about 1/2 a mile to the the Beeline HWY, and northwest about 13 miles to the gas station.
You can also run up the turnpike to PGA and take it west to the Beeline, and continue west about 6 miles to the gas station.
If you pass Moroso, you went too far!

Trip around the Lake from Broward is about 320 miles, round trip
I'm OK with meeting either at I-95 at Copans or Sample, the Turnpike at Pompano Service Plaza or Sample, or where the Sawgrass meets the Turnpike in Deerfield Beach. Whatever y'all decide is fine by me.

If the Queen Mary is closed on the 19th, maybe Limey or Spindlbeak can suggest another local.

so, who's in so far? Dirt, me, Dragon, Spindl, Hoostine and Limey?
Black, Black, White, Black, Black?, Black

any blue, green or pizz yellow? :-D :-D
OK, so its Dirt, me, Dragon, Spindl, Hoostine, Limey and Busa guy.

That makes Black, Black, White, Black, Blue, Black and Busa-color.

I guess we'll slow down every ten miles or so to let the four-cylinder catch up :-D :-D

Too bad Cheap can't make it down. Flat-land riding is more challenging than he thinks. :)
Dragon and Dirt,

I'd say Pompano Service Plaza at 8:00-8:15. The gas station is about 65 miles from there, so we should get up there by 9:00 and hang out til the others arrive.

We'll firm up times by next weekend. :cool:
OK, so that means 7 Speedies (5 black, 1 white, 1 blue) and a Busa. :-D :-D .
Hey DQ,
What color is your Speedy?

Somebody thinks we need a Yeller in the mix :-D
Ride went well. Three of us came up from Dade and Broward, one came down from Melbourne, and four from Palm Beach County.

Four black Speedies, one White, one Blue, one Silver 'Busa, and one Black ZX-14 with a 3-inch lowering kit.

Limey led the way, clockwise around Lake Okeechobee. I took a couple of pics, and DirtMcgirt took some. Limey may post in a coupla days, if I get them to him.

Never seen 6 S3's in one place before.

We never went over the speed limit, except for closed course areas, with professional riders (126MPH - 201 KPH). :-D Some of us were held up by the ZX - he kept bottoming out at speed :-D :-D

left to right: Hoostine, Limey, Troy - Busa, John - ZX, BillT, Spindlbeak, DirtMcgirt, and Dragonrider

Next time we'll give the ZX an hour head start!
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:lgh: :roflmoa2: was the guy that bad? Where did that guy come from, a friend of one of ya's? Or did he just join up think'n he was gonna smoke those bug-eyed look'n thingy-ma-jiggy's. :hammer: :-D
The guy was a friend of Troy's (Busa). He was fine, and fast, until we hit this twisty, bumpy part. He bottomed out, knocking a chunk off his bodywork and scraping his drain plug pretty good. He nursed it the rest of the way through this section, and Spindlbeak, Hoostine, Dragonrider and I were stuck behind him. This area was all Sugarcane field, a narrow, two-lane road with irrigation canal on each side, and railroad tracks every 1/2 mile or so. He was ridin' like a Harley - right down the middle, where the pavement was the smoothest, and going over the tracks at maybe 30mph max. When we got to the end of the section, he checked his bike out, and figured he was OK to finish.
When we stopped for lunch, he said he put a 3" lowering kit on his bike, which is adjustable, but forgot to raise it for the ride!

If he comes again, we're gonna hang an orange triangle on the back of his bike :-D
That sounds like a plan, Dragon.

How 'bout we try for March 17? Say, real early at Lester's Diner on SR84, hit nine turns, run out to the reservation, around the Lake, and end at the Clewiston Inn?
St. Pattie's Day is 3 1/2 weeks away, so there should be plenty of time for riders to make plans.

It'd be nice to see 10 Speedies, coupla Sprints, some Daytonas (big & little), even a Kawi or some other farm equipment :-D :-D

I posted an invite to all the other sport/touring forums. Let's see if any want to join us. I posted for anyone interested to PM you, limey or me.
I'm willing to do both weekends :-D :-D
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