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I really have to tell you how these guys treated me at South Bay Triumph in Lomita, CA. First off, I had an accident back in October 2008.

I finally got my bike back this month--May 2009. One reason the repair took so long was because it took a month or so to receive all the parts from Triumph. After those were installed they discovered a bent fork. That took another month to order. When they actually got the parts in, they kept telling me "it has to get back into the rotation." My bike has been sitting at the shop for 5 months but got less priority than other bikes that has been there for far less time.

Throughout this ordeal, I never received a single phone call from them in over 5 months. When I finally called them a couple weeks ago, Jeff chuckled over the phone and said, "Oh, we don't have your number. That's probably why we never called."

When I finally got my bike back, I noticed that the top headstock nut was so loose it was 2 turns away from falling off. Not only that but the headstock bearings felt very loose. No big deal. They probably settled down with my first 100 miles of riding. I called, made an appointment, missed a couple hours of work to get it all torqued down again.

After I got my bike back again, I noticed that the handlebar wasn't centered on the risers. No problem. I called and asked if they had time to fix it. They said they're not sure if they have time but will try their best if I stopped by. I sacrificed a lunch to go get it fixed.

When I pulled into the back of the dealership, I saw the owner and a mechanic working on a shiny new race bike. I greeted the owner and told him I called earlier and needed help. He brushed me off and told me to go up front to check if anybody's available. He was standing right next to the "employee only" entrance in the back but was asking me to walk all the way around the building to the front entrance to tell somebody else the same thing.

Sure, I did that. Now the guy in front walks to the back of the building to tell the owner the same thing I told him a few seconds earlier. Now I find out the mechanics are grabbing lunch and coming back in 10 minutes. I told them I'll leave my bike and go have my own lunch.

After my bike was fixed, the handlebar still wasn't centered and now it wasn't even angled upright. The clutch/brake levers were parallel to the ground and the mirrors pointed downward at an angle. I saw the owner and the mechanic busy over his new race bike and not even acknowledging my presence. At that moment I decided to never go back to that dealership.

When I was fixing the handlebar in my garage, I found that it wasn't even torqued down properly. They build machines that break land speed records but they allow their mechanics to overlook details like this? Now I have serious doubts over the other work they did on my bike.

This was the most unprofessional work I've ever experienced. They need to step down from their racing podium and serve their customers like a proper business. They are only friendly and helpful when they feel like it. They treat the place like their playground. I work very hard for my money. These guys don't deserve a penny of it.
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