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Soon To Be Owner with Questions

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Hi Guys!

I am looking at a lime green 02 Triumph Speed Triple for sale in my area (Philippines). I did my research on the net and have read that only black, red and blue were the colors released for 02. I also read that colors differed depending on the region. I am now confused. Is the S3 for sale here really an 02?

I would also like to know what I should check for when buying a used S3. Do I need to check VN numbers? Where do I find this and what about them do I need to check? Recalls?

Any other tips will really be of great help.

I really like the S3 so I want to make the right decisions.

Thanks in advanced guys.
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On 2006-11-17 05:49, scouselee wrote:
take the vin number to your triumph dealer and he will check if it is all ok, he will also be able to check if any recalls have been done.

apart from that enjoy it if and when you get it, you won't be sorry with your choice

Thanks for the tip Lee. Unfortunately, there is no Triumph dealer here in the Philippines. Do you think it would be possible to email Triumph the VIN directly and check for recalls?
On 2006-11-17 16:55, TonUp wrote:
Welcome aboard!

I better have another San Miguel beer and some more Lumpia and think about this for a second!

Salamat Po!

Ton Up! :cool:
Thanks for the welcome Ton Up.

What did you mean by you have to think about this for as second?

To the rest of the guys: Any other thing I should look out for when buying this 2nd hand S3?
Thanks for all your tips.
On 2006-11-28 19:15, ChowYunFatt wrote:

If you don't have a Triumph Authorised Dealer over in the Philippines, I guess the second best option is to look for someone else who is Technically inclined towards this bike to check it out for you...I think your primary fear should be support after you buy the bike...

I personally am facing this problem here in Singapore...Even the dealer in Singapore doesn't know much about this bike cos its very rare & I believe this is what you will face when you buy the bike...But never fear...Have Manual...Can Repair...

Limey saved me by sending me the 06 S3 manual via PDF & now my friend who runs a bike shop is helping me out on stuffs...

Whats the Mileage like on the Bike? :-D
Thanks for your reply. It has about 3,000kms on it now. It has not been used much by the owner... Just one of his many bikes I guess.

What do I need to check or inspect to make sure that its in good condition?

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