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Soon To Be Owner with Questions

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Hi Guys!

I am looking at a lime green 02 Triumph Speed Triple for sale in my area (Philippines). I did my research on the net and have read that only black, red and blue were the colors released for 02. I also read that colors differed depending on the region. I am now confused. Is the S3 for sale here really an 02?

I would also like to know what I should check for when buying a used S3. Do I need to check VN numbers? Where do I find this and what about them do I need to check? Recalls?

Any other tips will really be of great help.

I really like the S3 so I want to make the right decisions.

Thanks in advanced guys.
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Welcome aboard!

I better have another San Miguel beer and some more Lumpia and think about this for a second!

Salamat Po!

Ton Up! :cool:
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