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i'm doing top end on 69 tr6r have about .003 clearance so am replaceing bushings .never done this before so i could use some guidance ...thanks

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Unless you get the special tool, you just need a pair of sockets and a long (6") bolt or piece of allthread.

Get a DEEP socket that's big enough to just sit on the circle of the rod with 100% clearance of the inner bushing, and another one that will just slip into the rod, just slightly smaller than the bushing itself.

Put the bigger socket on one side, open end facing the rod, smaller socket opposite. Thread the bolt or allthread through the entire assembly and put a nut on the end (or both ends). Now, just tighten the nut(s) until the small socket pushes the bushing out of the rod.

Installing the new bushings is a little bit trickier, set the new bushing at the face of the rod and put a big, thick washer against the outer end of the bushing and another one against the opposite face of the rod. Thread the bolt or allthread back through, and tighten GENTLY, making sure the bushing has started it's way in squarely. Maintain a slow, steady draw on it, checking every 1/8 turn to make sure it's continuing squarely.

All done!
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