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Alright guys, not that I am without mechanical ability, but I purchased the Skyking (front) sliders and want to remove the original factory torx bolt & nut. They say T55 but I couldn't find one locally, but can loosen anyway with my T50. But the inner nut is kinda hard to get to. Is there any shortcut that you know of without removing the radiator to put a wrench on it? Thanks.

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Yes it was very simple. A 1/2 inch drive socket with the short and long extension coupled together and you put the socket on the right side nut FROM the left (i.e. thread it through behind the rad, above the fan and onto the nut). You then put another socket with the T55 on from the outside. Stand in front of the bike, lean over the wheel and undo said torx bolts and nuts. Reverse tools and repeat for the left side. Did both in 15mins the other Friday after work. These bolts do hold the engine in and should be torqued to about 60ft/lb (it's on the sky king instruction sheet). Considering this, I'd buy the right size torx socket before attempting this.

Here's a pic, and a link to the fullsize pic with the Skyking sliders fitted below.

LARGE Pice with view of Right Slider

Good luck, Russ.
I think the white sliders liook great on the white speedy.

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