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Six good reasons to buy a Speed Triple rather than a Fat Boy

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Well, Harley Davidson's newly released '07 Fat Boy did not get a very good review here in South Africa. All in all, the respected journo Dave Abrahams reports that:

i) Engine pinks when trying to accelerate in top gear;
ii) Factory claims 58kW at 5300rpm / 120Nm at 3300;
iii) Top gear is 11% higher than that of the previous five-speed model and thus allows engine to drop out of its torque band at cruising speeds;
(iv) Slurped more than 13 litres/100km during performance testing.
(v) Given a long enough run it'll make an indicated 184km/h at 4400rpm, well short of the engine's power peak;
(vi) The bike is considerably over geared.

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