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Shopping for parts...

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69 T100S
Just wondering if anyone has bought mushroom shaped tappet adjusters from "British Bike Connection" of Rochester NY?
They make their own and the ad states...
"USA made adjusters are manufactured from high carbon steel hardened to 58-60 Rockwell. The radius is machined to a #10-#16 micro finish. In contrast to other adjusters, ours are manufactured to the factory length and thread spec."
Do these sound good or are they the brittle ones I have been told to avoid??

Next question... What do you think of Barrnett Clutch Cables? Are they the best around or should I be looking for another brand? I was hoping for something Teflon lined and long lasting. Any ideas??
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I like Barnett cables just fine.
Why not just give Jim Knoll a call at British Bike Connection, (or drop him an email). If you don't get him in leave a message. He will call you back! (Tell him Chuck from NYC says Hi!). He is knowledgable, easy to talk to (one of my favorite vendors) and will answer any concerns you might have.

Chuck Contrino
Pres. TSNR
Also I use Barnett cables on both my Nortons.
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