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Shocking decision!

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I have read almost all the threads about the suspensions, and yet I still cannot make up my mind!

I'm now approching my deadline to order some new rear shocks. It's February and I want to be able to ride again soon!

I run Works dual-rate in the front and Works Street Tracker in the rear but in Bonneville lenght. Good setup but I want to run Thruxton lenght shocks in the rear because I'm also getting NH rearsets and a Thruxon Gel seat (wanted a seat cowl) and I'm 6'3'' tall so I need maximum seat height as possible for my Bonnie.

What should I do?? Thruxton lenght Works Street Tracker? Ikon performance shocks(7614)? Or Hagon Nitro's??????

Can somebody decide for me please!!!!???????????
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Personally I would pick up a set of Kawi ZZR1200 stock shocks, I run them and they're great. Made by KYB, they are piggy backs w/ 4 settings for compression and 3 for rebound. They are the same length or a little longer than the Thrux shocks. They can be found on ebay for around $225. I know you didn't consider them but they are another alternative.

1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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