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Shocking decision!

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I have read almost all the threads about the suspensions, and yet I still cannot make up my mind!

I'm now approching my deadline to order some new rear shocks. It's February and I want to be able to ride again soon!

I run Works dual-rate in the front and Works Street Tracker in the rear but in Bonneville lenght. Good setup but I want to run Thruxton lenght shocks in the rear because I'm also getting NH rearsets and a Thruxon Gel seat (wanted a seat cowl) and I'm 6'3'' tall so I need maximum seat height as possible for my Bonnie.

What should I do?? Thruxton lenght Works Street Tracker? Ikon performance shocks(7614)? Or Hagon Nitro's??????

Can somebody decide for me please!!!!???????????
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I have been messing around with my Nitro shocks-they have the 20 kg spring and are 340mm. They are listed as 08 05 CJ Nitro Black. I have issues with their operation-
specifically the compression damping-it was stronger than the rebound damping upon disassembly and they are very difficult to get to move at all. They stick in certain positions! Very sturdy with thick rods etc. but they do not work smoothly and have way too much compression damping IMHO. Black stuff (like rubber disintegrating is coming out of the body around where the shaft enters. They were purchased brand new from Dave Quinn and have less than 1,000 miles on them. I put the stock shocks back on and have a better ride and better handling too! A waste of money to me. I would get the Works Performance shocks if I had it to do over again or maybe the Ohlins. I cleaned them and adjusted the rebound damping plus adjusted (loosened) the spring adjusters which were wound down over half their travel. Now I will put them back on and adjust the spring preload and damping to see if I can make them work better. I do not think with all that compression damping they will work much better than they did-like a buckboard ride! I think I will send them back to DQ and ask for a refund. I am not a happy camper at all. These shocks are just not right.
and would not reccommend them to anyone for any purpose at this point.
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