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Shocking decision!

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I have read almost all the threads about the suspensions, and yet I still cannot make up my mind!

I'm now approching my deadline to order some new rear shocks. It's February and I want to be able to ride again soon!

I run Works dual-rate in the front and Works Street Tracker in the rear but in Bonneville lenght. Good setup but I want to run Thruxton lenght shocks in the rear because I'm also getting NH rearsets and a Thruxon Gel seat (wanted a seat cowl) and I'm 6'3'' tall so I need maximum seat height as possible for my Bonnie.

What should I do?? Thruxton lenght Works Street Tracker? Ikon performance shocks(7614)? Or Hagon Nitro's??????

Can somebody decide for me please!!!!???????????
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Since you asked...I wouldn't even consider anything but Works. :-D


My Works Street Trackers have a threaded pre-load adjustment for sitting the correct ride height. The dual spring system called Adjustable Rate Suspension (ARS) allows me to change the load carrying capacity of the shocks (simply by moving a lever) without changing the pre-load. Frankly, I haven't felt the need to have any other adjustments. They made so much difference on my T-100, that I haven't even changed the stock front springs, yet; and I have 18000+ miles on bonnie--the Works dual rate spring kit for that is still sitting in my workshop. :-D

I believe there is a lot of truth in what Pat is saying. The best rider I know who has raced all his life and also rides the street told me that the only thing the bonneville or Thrux needs suspension wise is a good set of Works shocks (Thrux length) on the back. When he was riding a Thrux on the street, he never changed the stock front setup.

1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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