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Shocking decision!

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I have read almost all the threads about the suspensions, and yet I still cannot make up my mind!

I'm now approching my deadline to order some new rear shocks. It's February and I want to be able to ride again soon!

I run Works dual-rate in the front and Works Street Tracker in the rear but in Bonneville lenght. Good setup but I want to run Thruxton lenght shocks in the rear because I'm also getting NH rearsets and a Thruxon Gel seat (wanted a seat cowl) and I'm 6'3'' tall so I need maximum seat height as possible for my Bonnie.

What should I do?? Thruxton lenght Works Street Tracker? Ikon performance shocks(7614)? Or Hagon Nitro's??????

Can somebody decide for me please!!!!???????????
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If I had to do it all over again, I'da just called Works Performance and placed an order for MY weight and MY riding style, and have 'em whip me up both front & rear suspension components. Going with the Thruxton length shocks for the rear.

If I had the money..... Ohlins piggy-backs for the rear, and maybe that Honda conversion w/gold valves up front.

In a word, JUST DO IT!
Go with a recognized brand-name, look to see if it's rebuildable, and stick to the geometry & shock length already designed into the Bonnie/Thruxton. Better too that you match the front components to the rear components.

Try to avoid buying on-line, 'cause the stuff is sometimes misrepresented and you end up getting what the vendor wants to move off his shelf.... rather than what you need.

Seek the help of a local motorcycle suspension specialist, buy the components through him, and either have him install the stuff for you or at least get him to agree to help you set it all up.

Watch out for know-it-alls who likely pilot a keyboard better than they can a bike. EVERYBODY is an 'expert' on-line.......

Don't discount the notion that even YOUR riding skills may have room for improvement. Frequent claims of dragging foot-pegs or non existent chicken strips can be a sign of poor riding techniques, not machismo nor 'skill.' And finally, a "good suspension" will NOT make a poor rider a better/faster rider.

(..... and haven't you been asking these same questions for the last couple months now, here and on two other forums?)

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