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Shocking decision!

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I have read almost all the threads about the suspensions, and yet I still cannot make up my mind!

I'm now approching my deadline to order some new rear shocks. It's February and I want to be able to ride again soon!

I run Works dual-rate in the front and Works Street Tracker in the rear but in Bonneville lenght. Good setup but I want to run Thruxton lenght shocks in the rear because I'm also getting NH rearsets and a Thruxon Gel seat (wanted a seat cowl) and I'm 6'3'' tall so I need maximum seat height as possible for my Bonnie.

What should I do?? Thruxton lenght Works Street Tracker? Ikon performance shocks(7614)? Or Hagon Nitro's??????

Can somebody decide for me please!!!!???????????
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On 2007-02-03 21:41, RedBird wrote:
Since you asked...I wouldn't even consider anything but Works. :-D

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Works have less adjustability, no? (just the pre-load)

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On 2007-02-04 21:01, RedBird wrote:

My Works Street Trackers have a threaded pre-load adjustment for sitting the correct ride height. The dual spring system called Adjustable Rate Suspension (ARS) allows me to change the load carrying capacity of the shocks (simply by moving a lever) without changing the pre-load. Frankly, I haven't felt the need to have any other adjustments. They made so much difference on my T-100, that I haven't even changed the stock front springs, yet; and I have 18000+ miles on bonnie--the Works dual rate spring kit for that is still sitting in my workshop. :-D

Hey Larry do you know how much cost those Street Trackers w the ARS option?
Actually I just got a quote from Works... $595 for 14.5in Street Trackers w ARS... So that's $250 more than the Ikon's 7614... I'm not sure the Works are really worth the extra cash, especially since I intend to get a sportbike in a near future. So unless someone really bashes the Ikon's for a good reason, I think I'm gonna go with them.


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On 2007-02-05 10:41, Olderyoungster wrote:
If I had to do it all over again, I'da just called Works Performance and placed an order for MY weight and MY riding style, and have 'em whip me up both front & rear suspension components. Going with the Thruxton length shocks for the rear.

If I had the money..... Ohlins piggy-backs for the rear, and maybe that Honda conversion w/gold valves up front.

In a word, JUST DO IT!

Yes but the Works are a little expensive for me :(
You get what you pay for, and nothing beats rider skill.
All right FattRat, "nothing beats rider skill", we all agree on that, I think. Let's all ride stock Bonneville's, then. (I mean, only the accomplished riders) :)

Sorry to be cheap, btw.

But wait, what do I do now? Stop being cheap (I just have to decide that, you know) and buy expensive suspensions or not do any mod at all and only focus on improving my rider skills (which are certainly very bad as you seem to suggest)? :???:

FattRat !?? :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:

Is it ok if I do both?

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On 2007-02-05 15:47, FattRat wrote:
I suggest you continue to belabor the same question over and over again for ANOTHER month or two. One woulda thought by now, given all the feedback you're been afforded, that you could decide for yourself.
Abulia: n. - Loss or impairment of the ability to make decisions or act independently.

Want to play scrabble instead of answering over and over again the same question (over and over again)?


FattRat, don't forget that you have no obligation to answer my redundant questions. ;)

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