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Shell V-power, what do you think?

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Accidentally filled up with V-power and I think it has improved the bikes response and seems to be given me an extra 10 miles before reserve - question is, is it all in my mind? What do you think? (Going to alternate over the next few months between fuels to see if it is just my imagination).
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Hmmm-clearly worth a try. I did find a slightly better response from the last generation of premium fuels but no gain on mpg. i'll let you know.
You would of noticed a difference because of the higher Octain and cleaner burn.
I find it is more noticable on 2 strokes..
Just got through another tank of V-power and I'm back to my original mpg. Filled up with normal stuff and can't tell the difference. The extra cost in V-power just isn't worth it imho. Just marketing I guess.
After watching the test on the Bio Fuel powered lotus on tonights fifth gear I think I want Biofuel and I want it now!

There are many benefits of using ethanol as a fuel including both environmental benefits of ethanol and economic benefits of ethanol. A brief summary of these benefits is shown below:

Reduced harmful exhuast emissions
Sustainable energy source
Reduced dependence on foreign sources of oil and gas
Biodegradable with no toxic effect on environment
Does not contribute to greenhouse effect due to growth / burning cycle
Cheap method of achieving high octane fuel
Many cars are already capable of running on ethanol with no modifications
Can reduce levels of disease causing emissions from petrol blends.
Can be made at home - reducing energy costs associated with transportation. Why on earth is the UK lagging behind in this. Lets grow our fuel and end the need to***** about in the middle east securing oil supplies by using Army lives!

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Sounds far to sensible to me. I am probably not paranoid enough to suggest that the oil industry has many pockets in government lined, one way or another. Or maybe I am.
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