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Shark high pipes VS Predators

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Hey folks. On my bike i currently have Predators and was curious how they compare to the Shark pipes in terms of quality, sound, and performance. I'm thinking about selling my Predators to get some Sharks but only if the Sharks are better in practically every way. Should I do the swap?

What's the going rate for used Predators? Mine are in excellent condition with about 3,000 miles on them.
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I just sold mine for $400 shipped. Don't know anything about the Sharks though. I'm getting Bubs. "WHAT?"
I just bought some used Predators ($400.00 shipped), gonna sell my LOUD & lovely D&D's.

I asked a guy who races his Thruxton about the various pipes. It was interesting, he didn't speak to how the different pipes perform, but the racers who run the Sharks have them because they afford the bike more clearance while leaning it over.

If you go on over to the Classifieds, some guy is selling his Sharks & painted side covers at a competitive price...... and you wouldn't have to wait for them to come into stock. I thought I read that the Sharks have a baffle that can be easily removed. One thing for sure, they look HELLA COOL!

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I've put the Sharks on my race bike in replacement of D and D's. The only reason to use them is for clearance issues. They ruin the classic look of the Thruxton, are in the way for jetting changes, and are hot for street use. Keep the Predators unless you race! :wink:
Thanks for the input. I knew that clearance for cornering would be increased and was kind of wondering if the pipes might make riding in the summer unnecessarily warm. Another negative was not being able to ride 2 up, not that I'd be doing it often in the first place. Predators stay, decision has been made. Thanks fellas. :tongue:
I run short slash TOR's and have been known to set off the odd car alarm or two!

I recently looked at the Sharks because I tricked myself into believing they could clear the Hepco & Becker side bags. I contacted a rep at newbonneville and found that my dreams were unrealistic. Oh well. :wink:
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