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where do I find out whats involved in the 9k and 12k service.

Theres no Trophy on the official Triumph website?

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Don't know where to get that info online, but I have the service sheets from a dealer.

9000 Would be: (this should all be done every 3000)
-Check and adjust idle speed
-Drain airbox
-Check steering head for freeplay
-Front and rear suspension check
-Chain for wear and stretch
-Check brake light switches
-Check brake pads
-Check tire and wheel condition
-Check battery electrolyte level

-All 3000 miles services plus the following
-Change oil
-Check valve clearances (inlet 0.10 - 10 0.15 / exhaust 0.15 - 0.20)
-Check cooling hoses
-Check throttle and choke cables
-Check system components (take care to make sure the hoses don't need replaced, I've had one go bad while on the road.)
-Check plug gaps (0.8 to 0.9mm) renew if needed
-All nuts and bolts (the bolts that hole the exhaust cans had to be tightened often on mine until I thread locked them)
-Lube stand and lever pivot points and cables.
-Change clutch and brake fluid
-Change front fork oil
-Re-grease steering head bearings

Hope this helps

BTW, there are several good workshop manuals out there. I can not remember who published the one I use and am not able to get to it until Jan. 2nd.

Good luck and Merry Christmas
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