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Service Costs

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I have just bought a 55 plate America with around 3000 miles via Ebay.

I would like to have it serviced by an authorised dealer... how much roughly should I expect to pay (as long as there are no major issues).


PS Just passed my DAS test on Wed.. so looking forward to getting some miles in on something larger than a 125cc
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As you passed your DAS, I presume you're in the UK.... where abouts???

First things first well done and welcome! And congrats on getting a decent bike...

Right then, Triumph dealers here in the UK tend to be expensive. I took my 03 for a 12000 service and it was just under £400... That was the expensive service, the 6000 and the 18000 service are less.

OK so then some [email protected] hit it 4 days later..... :mad: I'll always be narked about that...

And don't forget to check in to the UK RAT bit...they're a friendly bunch in there too.
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