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Never had 'em. Don't want 'em (as they currently exist and are available). Don't see the need for myself. I've heard too many complaints about 'em and most of them center around things that would annoy the living stuffing out of me. Case in point: post #17 of this thread from someone on the same bike I have now and one of the biggest complaints I've heard from people in general with such things. Signals canceling themselves sitting at lights or not canceling after lane changes. It's the main selling point of the STS in the OP's article link.
I have them on my Tiger 800 XRx. The way they work is that they go on for a certain time (either 6 or 8 seconds, can't remember which), and after that time, when the bike has travelled a further 60m, the indicator is cancelled. So if you're sitting at lights, they don't cancel. If you change lanes, they cancel after a few seconds. And if you either mistrust the bike or have supreme confidence in yourself, you can switch the feature off.

Speaking of, the STS sells for over US$100 and that's just for the device. Install adds more for labor, assuming one finds a suitably trustworthy mechanic: something else the article points out. These aren't plug and play yet. Jersey_Steve seems to be working on plug-and-play and hell yes: good hunting! But until then, I have an active dis-interest in non-reversible modifications that may or may not cause something to go wrong...especially while it's under warranty!
The STS installation is quite easily reversible, though not back to pure factory as there are a number of leads that are cut and have bullet connectors (male and female) on them - they get connected back up without the STS in between.

If uncanceled signals have been your only I wish I had your good fortune. I've never had any trouble with false signals, but I've had plenty of adrenaline-inducing moments involving other people on their phones, drunk drivers, road rage, or people too much in a hurry to think the rules apply to them (most famously involving left turns).
I've had assorted near misses for various reasons, but on two occasions on the Tiger 1050 (no auto-cancel) and Bonnie SE (ditto) it was only the car drivers about to pull out of the junction in front of me realising that I wasn't slowing for the turn that saved me from nasty accidents that would have been my fault.

I need to check the circuit diagram for the T120, I think a simple (time only) plug and play module would be easy if it's similar to the Tiger 800's indicator switch. Something like the Tiger's time and distance would take a bit more thought.
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