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I could use a little help here guys.

does anybody remember a while back there was a handle bar thread (I think in conjunction with New Bonnie) that had a picture of all the common handlebars next to each other with the dimensions.
The pic had all the bars layed out on a wood floor.
I'd like to find that thread, or at least the pic.
It should probably be added to the Wiki site when it is found again.


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On 2007-02-09 02:45, Bonafide wrote:
On 2007-02-08 23:28, MES wrote:
good job on that Bonafide

How did youy find them? I used the search but came up empty.
No problem and you must 'endeaver to persevere' while using this forum's search engine (it sux big time).
Glad I ain't the only one that thinks so.....
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