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Unfortunately my mint 2000 speed triple with only 5000 miles on the clock has been declared a write off after having a minor commuting accident.

The damage I thought was cosmetic but the cost of repairs is making it uneconomical.

Main areas of damage are;

Frame (possibly caused by crash bung, or minor headstock damage)
exhaust, can and mid
front right fork
plastics (all scuffed but useable)
levers on the right hand side of bike
Engine casing on right hand side (magnesium engine cover only)
Right hand brake caliper scuffed
Right hand fork (scuffed)

The wheels are fine, tyres excellent condition and the rest of the bike was immaculate.

I can buy the bike back for £650 and have been offered £750 for salvage.

I'd rather sell the bike in one piece rather than break it myself. The engine was tight as it only had 5k so I'm wondering if I could expect a bit more.

Hope to back back on the road soon :)

The market value for a 2000 speed triple by the way is £3300

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If the frame is damaged then I doubt it is repairable, if you accept the insurance write off then its value is what you said, if you walk away without insurance company dealing with it, sort it out cosmetically and sell it on, presuming you are not knowingly selling on a dangerous bike ( illegal) you should make at +2k. If the accident was not your fault or you have an admission of liability you should chase compensation or have your insurance company take them to court.
Remember the insurance company want to make the easiest cheapest deal for their shareholders and you are just an obstacle.
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