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Hey Scrambler owners: keep an eye on (or try and secure) your RH sidecover. I went down to Invercargill on the weekend to the inaugural Burt Monroe World's Fastest Indian Rally, first slightly longer ride on the Scrambler, some sort of southerly front was coming through on Friday, and the westerly winds were unbelievably fierce, perhaps windiest conditions I've ridden in for 35-odd years (including the Nullabor in Oz and the NW of west Australia). Anyway, we were blown all over the place, but halfway there when we stopped I noticed my RH sidecover had disappeared. Musthave been lifted up and vanished in some of the cross-wind gusts (I felt as though the wheels could be blown out from under me cornering a few times...!! and this was 2-up).
Anyway, just a warning - maybe we need to secure the cover somehow for those extreme conditions, they can be blown off..

Now, anyone got one for sale...?
I'll try and post some photos of the beach racing - it was far out...
cheers Pat
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